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  • School Boiler Rental Solutions

    As the weather gets colder and students everywhere start hoping for snow days, school boilers are under more stress than at any other time of year. If a school boiler breaks, there is no choice but to send students home, with the knock-on effect of parents being pulled home from work. It’s incredibly important for every school to have a disaster recovery plan in place but here are some reasons why you should have yours with Acclimatise: Nationwide Coverage: Our experienced engineers travel nationwide...

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  • Warehouse Heating How-To

    Warm air heating is one of the most popular solutions for heating large spaces like warehouses. As the name suggests, the process involves heating air and then using a fan to distribute the hot air around the space, creating a sun-like warming effect and a comfortable working environment. There are many types of warm air heater available, such as gas, electric, and oil but the biggest challenge with warehouse heating is the even distribution of warmth throughout a space. A combination of placement,...

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  • Temporary Commercial Boiler Solutions

    At Acclimatise we specialise in temperature control rental systems that are suitable for any commercial business on any occasion. Our boilers are efficient, reliable, and versatile – meaning the individual systems are modular and scalable, therefore we will never ‘up-sell’ you more than you need. Each boiler ranges anywhere from 50kW to 1000kW. They also come in a choice of fuel firing including natural gas and oil, as well as the latest eco fuel technology. Combined with their easily tailored...

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