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Industrial Air Conditioning Unit Hire 

For All Applications & Events

Utilising our market-leading fleet of industrial air conditioning units, Acclimatise is a leading UK provider of temporary air conditioning rental solutions for a variety of applications including spot or process cooling as events.

Our range of cutting-edge air conditioning units are supplemented by decades of practical experience working in a variety of industries. Our engineers don’t just deliver items, but instead perform a critical site survey, providing recommendation as to which of our rental units are most directly suited to your requirements.

Temporary Industrial Air Conditioning & Handling

We offer a range of cooling and air conditioning solutions, from a 2 kW portable unit to a 1000 kW chiller and air handling system, all united by a dedication to discretion; the technology we supply is infallibly efficient, reliable and quiet. This means that our air conditioning rental units are aptly suited to a variety of purposes, from office climate control to event marquee temperature management.

Realise Your Projects

As a client-centric organisation, Acclimatise work with their affiliates – be they events managers, engineers or manufacturers – to build solutions designed around their needs. Ultimately, this enables us to provide a highly cost-effective rental service by ensuring clients never pay for unnecessary units. All of our air conditioning hire options are available on a 24 hour basis, and afford the performance of a permanent solution in a temporary package.

To find out about more about our effective industrial air conditioning rental provision; or discuss your project with us, contact us now online, or over the phone on 01782 595 969

Unit Size Rental Specification

  • Unit Size


    L (mm)

    W (mm)

    H (mm)

    Weight (kg)

  • 2 Kw

    Power240/1/50 13 amp

    L (mm)360

    W (mm)410

    H (mm)880

    Weight (kg)36

  • 3.5Kw

    Power240/1/50 13 amp

    L (mm)360

    W (mm)410

    H (mm)880

    Weight (kg)46

  • 5.5Kw

    Power240/1/50 13 amp

    L (mm)360

    W (mm)410

    H (mm)880

    Weight (kg)86

  • 8.5Kw

    Power240/1/50 13 amp

    L (mm)360

    W (mm)410

    H (mm)880

    Weight (kg)97

  • 10Kw

    Power240/1/50 13 amp

    L (mm)1080

    W (mm)735

    H (mm)1465

    Weight (kg)175

  • 20/40Kw

    Power240/1/50 4 amp

    L (mm)380

    W (mm)585

    H (mm)1850

    Weight (kg)60

  • 25/50Kw

    Power240/1/50 6 amp

    L (mm)1220

    W (mm)780

    H (mm)2150

    Weight (kg)180

  • 30/60Kw

    Power240/1/50 10 amp

    L (mm)1520

    W (mm)780

    H (mm)2250

    Weight (kg)198

  • 50/100Kw

    Power240/1/50 20 amp

    L (mm)3920

    W (mm)1130

    H (mm)2350

    Weight (kg)1192

  • 125/250Kw

    Power240/1/50 22 amp

    L (mm)3930

    W (mm)1130

    H (mm)2350

    Weight (kg)1214

  • 200/400Kw

    Power240/1/50 28 amp

    L (mm)3020

    W (mm)2380

    H (mm)2575

    Weight (kg)3200

  • 500/1000Kw

    Power240/1/50 42 amp

    L (mm)2400

    W (mm)2380

    H (mm)2480

    Weight (kg)4500

These specifications vary and are subject to avaliability